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Small Veggie Box


Small family veggie box, ideal for a family of 2-3 people for a week of fresh meals

-Asparagus 1 BCH,
-Avocado 2EA,
-Green Beans 1 small punnet,
-Broccolini 1 BCH,
-Broccoli 1 EA,
-Baby Buc choy 1 BCH,
-Red Capsicum 1 EA,
-Carrots Large 3 EA,
-Cauliflower 1/2 EA,
-Sweet Corn 1 EA,
-Lebanese Cucumber 2 EA,
-Lemons 1 EA,
-Iceberg Lettuce 1 EA,
-Swiss Brown Mushrooms 1 PNT,
-Browns Onions 1 EA
-Red Onions 1 EA,
-Potatoes 1KG,
-Gold Sweet potato 1 EA,
-Cherry Tomato 1PNT
-Tomato 1KG,
-Zucchini 1 EA,


**Items pictured are some and not all of what's in the small veggie box

***Please contact us for any health or allergy requirements 

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