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Medium Fruit and Veggie Box


Medium Fruit and Veggie Box

-Royal Gala Apples 2 EA,
-Avocado 2EA,
-Bananas 1 Small Hand,
-Broccolini 1 BCH,
-Broccoli 1 Head,
-Baby Bok Choy 1 BCH,
-Green Capsicum 1 EA,
-Red Capsicum 1 EA,
-Carrots 1KG apx,
-Lebanese Cucumber 2 EA,
-1 DOZ Free-range Eggs,
-Lemons 1 EA,
-Packet of baby cos hearts 1 EA,
-Imperial Mandarins 1KG apx,
-Brown Onions 2 EA,
-Red Onion 1 EA,
-Blood Oranges 1 EA,
-Navel Oranges 2EA,
-Washed Potato large 1KG,
-Fresh cut Dry-slaw salad 1 x 500g packet,
-Gold Sweet Potato 1 EA large,
-Strawberries 1 PNT,
-Cherry Tomato 1 PNT,
-Tomato 1KG apx,
-Watermelon *1/4*,
-Zucchini 2 EA,
-1 x Loaf of local baked fresh Bread (Please indicate in order comments if you would like White, Wholemeal or Multi-grain)


**Please contact us for any health or allergy requirements 

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